Hamsaveni Carbides
Calcium carbide is an inorganic compound with the following primary commercial applications: generation of acetylene, production of calcium cyanamide (a nitrogen fertilizer), and use in the iron (foundry) and steel industries as a desulfurization reagent in the production of ductile iron and steel and as a slag modifier/conditioner (reducer) in steel production.

Hamsaveni Carbides started manufacturing Calcium...

Anton Phonse
Anton Phonse Industries cater for the requirements of precision component manufacturing, fabrication and forging in the various fields of engineering industry such as railways, automobiles, heavy machineries, Oil and Gas Industry etc. We are also capable of providing external support to major component manufacturers.
We also have engineering design capability to provide detailed engineering services in the field of Process, Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Structural Engineering in the field of Oil and Gas, Power, Desalination, Water Supply and Distribution etc.